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Crews is a vetted community for the world’s best creatives in the commercial, film and television industry to connect, share, grow and get booked.
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A place for crew to connect, share, grow, and get booked.


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Discover top work opportunities, get booked, and experience a better way to manage your bookings

Booking for De Republica with client Nike

$5k — $16k 3 Day Shoot


Expand your skill set with access to career resources and insider advice

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The Crews jury curates top tier creatives from around the globe.






Art Director


Music & Sound Designer

Invited Crew members then identify and tag trusted peers they’ve worked with to receive invitations to join Crews.

Camera Assistant



Sound Recordist

Stunt Coordinator

Costume Designer

Set Decorator

Drone Operator

Hair & Makeup

+ Plus many more...

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We’re commited to unearthing talented story tellers and the teams that work with them

We’re for the creative community and the betterment of the gig economy

Through the implementation of tools to uphold and promote evolving industry standards, Crews is committed to creating a better and fairer way of working with each other across the production industry.


I love how the platform makes booking requests super streamlined and gives me access to all the important shoot info I need from the get-go.

Director of Photography,

Matty Ower

The fact I can update my availability and book and run my active jobs all in one place is a gamechanger.

Set Designer / Stylist / Florist,

Sarah Cousens

I love that Crews does the grunt work for me by getting my work in front of the right people without me having to network as hard.

Hair and Make-up artist,

Lorella Giannini

It’s great having a platform with everything in one place that’s easy to navigate, and allows you to track collaborators and crew who are doing good work.

Film & Commercial Editor,

Lucas Vazquez

For Producers

A better way to work with your new or existing network

Experience a workflow designed and built for modern day content creators. Create a shared production brief, send booking requests to confirm your crew, update crew holds or change booking dates instantly.

Tools to run a more efficient production

Crews is combining an improved workflow with production specific tools such as digital call sheet creation bringing all production tasks under the one roof.

Check out the Crews blog for industry tips, news and expert interviews.

Spotlight on: Cinematographer Drew English

When we heard the news that Heartbreak High – Netflix’s reimagining of the nostalgic Aussie 90’s series of the same name – was being renewed for a second season, we weren’t surprised. Since debuting on the platform in September, Heartbreak High struck an undeniable cord with audiences, remaining in the Netflix Australian top 10 every…

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Spotlight on: Production Designer Aaron Crothers

“One day I’m talking about how many croutons are in a cup of continental soup. The next day I could be building an enormous set, blowing stuff up or rolling cars.”  It’s the undisputed nature of the film industry; no two days are the same. Three decades ago, it’s this very notion that hooked production…

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Featured Work: DOP Max Walter

“The idea was to create something super wacky, unlike anything that’s come out of Australia. Nutty Professor meets Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Busta Rhymes circa early 2000, Friday – that film with Ice Cube – those were the references. It had to be wild.” When we saw this clip for the first time…

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Spotlight on: Majella Productions

The path into filmmaking is rarely a straightforward career trajectory, especially as a woman from a small town in regional Australia. There’s seldom a film school in sight, and access to the industry can be extremely limited. Gabrielle Pearson of Majella Productions, however, overcame these hurdles and now strives to create positive change in the…

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Production companies: how to get the most out of crews

Our purpose at Crews is to build a global community of the world’s top filmmakers and vendors, and create a more seamless way of working with each other across the production industry. We want to save you time when it comes to running your productions, boost your company’s visibility to the right people at the…

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Why Crediting Matters

At Crews, in addition to creating a more seamless way of working with each other across the production industry, we’re on a mission to build a global community of the world’s top filmmakers and vendors. In other words, we’re fostering a top-notch network comprising nothing less than the cream of the crop. Crediting is how…

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Producers: How To Get The Most Out Of Crews

Welcome to Crews, the exciting new platform revolutionising the clunky, old video production model. Where it’s out with the inefficient, time-wasting back and forth of finding and booking quality crew members – and in with simple, seamless workflows and painless production management. Whether you’re new to the platform, have been using it for some time,…

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Creators: How To Get The Most Out Of Crews

Crews is changing the game when it comes to booking and managing gigs in the video production biz. Gone are the days when you’d have to juggle your bookings and enquiries across a multitude of emails and phone calls from producers, agencies and brands, or waste time canvassing for work by dusting off the old…

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