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The modern workflow for freelancers in production – better manage your calendar and fill your schedule with Crews.
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Build your online portfolio, upload projects and credit your fellow crew members in order to build your network and attract more bookings.

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Receive booking requests from producers, brands and production companies. View all of the details instantly - hold status, production brief, budget, list of crew invited and many more.

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All Crews booking requests are instantly added to your calendar view, easily add booking requests from outside Crews or sync your calendar to Google Calendar.

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Post jobs, find crew, and manage your talent pipeline with the Crews complete hiring workflow.
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Search for quality crew members in any location using advanced filters. Search directly in Find Crew or seach via Projects and discover the teams behind the work.

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Check crew availability and instantly send through a booking request containing all relevant production details along with project brief.

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A clear hiring process tailored for production. Check availability and rates, brief crew and place holds and update crew with changes in real time.

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Manage your bookings more efficiently. Instantly inform crew of changes to schedules, or booking status.

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Create and send unlimited mobile friendly call sheets to crew, talent and client containing detailed information and links to important documents.

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Smoother crew member communication all in a central shared location with Crews live chat.

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