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Production companies: how to get the most out of crews

Our purpose at Crews is to build a global community of the world’s top filmmakers and vendors, and create a more seamless way of working with each other across the production industry. We want to save you time when it comes to running your productions, boost your company’s visibility to the right people at the right time, and give you the opportunity to land more work.

When it comes to Crews, your success is our success – and we want to help you to get the most out of the platform. Here’s how…

Experience a Better Way to Land Work

We are well aware of the limitations that exist around canvassing for high-caliber work as a production company. Often it involves extensive networking, keeping in the forefront of people’s minds at brands and agencies by any means necessary, and hoping your personalised reach outs land at the perfect moment when a relevant brief is on the table. We want to change that.

At the heart of Crews is a powerful search tool that allows agencies and brands to assemble the perfect production team for their specific brief. For a company like yours, Crews is a place to showcase your work to a more targeted and relevant audience, and to allow you to land quality work opportunities. Gone will be the days of pounding the pavement (or rather, inboxes) to source those top-quality gigs – using Crews, a potential client can get in touch with you directly regarding a quote or booking enquiry.

Given you’re discoverable on our network and have put your best foot forward on the profile front, they’ll come to you. How? Keep reading…

Ensure Your Company Profile Shines

We recommend adding at least 4 projects to start (but obviously the more the better).
Then, to ensure you’re discoverable on Crews, it’s imperative that the following fields are filled out:
-Company Type
-Your Services

Other important fields

My Availability. You can select yes or no regarding whether you’re currently available, and you’ll also have the option to allow bookers to view your calendar availability (you can adjust this to either allow all bookers/producers to see your calendar, or just those in your own network, or specific crew members).

However, while these are the most important fields, to ensure you’re as discoverable as possible (and your profile is matched correctly in searches) it’s key to add all relevant fields and tags in if you can. Going to the extra effort of adding in things like the mood, genre or anything unique about your projects will increase visibility when it matters most.

An important add: You can also upload any work to the site you like, without necessarily having to have it visible on your portfolio page. This is handy if you’ve got a project you wish to share with potential clients to win work, but isn’t necessarily something you want to hero on your profile.

Directors Roster
Another great feature of Crews is the ability to display a roster of directors to your profile. To do this, simply have your directors sign up to Crews (or you can do this for them) and then they’ll be able to select you as their representation.

Running Productions on Crews

We understand more than most where the time-consuming inefficiencies lay when it comes to booking crew and running productions. That’s why we built fully integrated tools that streamline the entire production management workflow, allowing you to spend less time bogged down in admin and more time focusing on making great projects. Crews provides you with access to find and book crew instantly while allowing you to seamlessly run jobs with inbuilt tools like booking management, and a live chat function for smoother communication with crew. Through Crews, you can create a shared production brief and call sheets, send booking requests to confirm your crew, update crew holds, or change booking dates instantly.

Need a little extra help in the production running department? Here’s some helpful articles about running productions using Crews (or alternatively, you can book a demo with our team to find out more!)

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